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We see the same motif again into keyword, Bond

We see the same motif again into keyword, Bond

A thread try a financial means and you will fixed income means you to stands for that loan made by a trader to a borrower (normally corporate or governmental). Bonds are utilized because of the companies, municipalities, claims, and you may sovereign governments to invest in ideas and processes. A bond is even a means away from thread-years, something attach your, instance a line link, chains or a stockade. Thus perhaps it is specific ill satanic perversion behind why we name the fresh new mental/religious ties (once again, link, another slavery term) into the people we love, bonds.

By the way, a-dead pounds (AKA dry weight) is exactly what we phone call the most luggage bring pounds regarding a vessel. And, within the economics, a-dead lbs function loss sustained of the inefficient allotment of info, specifically as a result of income tax otherwise limitation. Elizabeth.grams, a-dead-pounds load / a financial obligation maybe not included in assets.

I suppose towards satanic elite group whom control and dictate this globe, Love and you can psychological relationships are thought things that leave you weakened and you can keep your straight back, lifeless weights, they would probably believe her or him instance a golf ball and strings

Additionally, you can observe the newest reference of the identity compan-y throughout the term compan-ion. No surprise after that one to a beneficial companionway was an elevated and windowed hatchway for the good ship’s patio , that have a steps top below additionally the hooded entrance-hatch towards the main cabins .

Along with prior to it pattern ‘s the label ‘mate’, that you might name any of these individuals you really have ties with.