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Things I Don’t Like About Fling’s Dating Site

Things I Don’t Like About Fling’s Dating Site

I’ve tried all the dating sites out there. From the “hey let’s meet someone in my niche” (like FitnessSingles) all the way to the “hey let’s just forget dating and take our pants off if we are attracted to each other.”

You may be shocked to hear this, (or maybe not) but I actually like the ones that are the latter.

Reason being, I’ve had a few relationships get very deep, very far, and very close to marriage. In each of those relationships, I’ve been cheated on, betrayed, stolen from, or lied to about something that’s just not something that needs to be lied about. In short, I’ve about given up on the whole marriage thing at this time in life, so I’m just out there on the prowl, and not looking for more than someone fun who has the mutual interest in some no strings attached fun.

I’ve found that the users of adult dating type websites are into that same mentality.